Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI®) Certified Consultant - RDI® is a Third Generation Remediation Process for Austim Occupational Therapy is about participation and performance in everyday life activities Connect and Relate for Autism - Relationship Development Intervention RDI® has been developed to Remediate Information Processing Deficits that are universal but by no means unique to people on the Autism Spectrum


Cogmed is an evidence based programme for improving working memory and attention

What is Working Memory?

What is Cogmed?

I am a qualified Cogmed Coach and help people and children develop their Working Memory and Attention through use of the Cogmed Training Programme

Working with a qualified Cogmed Coach provides consultation, guidance and feedback about how you are working on your programme as well as 12 months extension and followup

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Working Memory Checklist 

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Problems with working memory may exist if the individual: ‰

Is easily distracted when working on or doing something that is not highly interesting. ‰

Has trouble with activities that require both storage (remembering) and processing (manipulating information).

Struggles with reading comprehension and has to read through texts repeatedly to understand.

Struggles with solving problems that require holding the information in mind; e.g. mental maths calculations.

Is inconsistent in remembering maths facts.

Struggles with completing tasks, especially multiple step tasks – they usually cannot remember the information needed to guide them through the activity and subsequently ‘zone out’.

Has difficulty remembering long instructions given in several steps, for example directions or school/work assignments – may forget part or all of the instruction.

Struggles to understand the context in a story or a conversation.

Has difficulty when planning and organising something that needs to be done in separate steps. ‰

Makes place-keeping errors – has difficulty keeping track of what they have done and what still has to be completed. ‰

Has difficulty staying focused during cognitively demanding tasks but attend well when cognitive demands are minimal. ‰

Has difficulty integrating new information with prior knowledge. ‰

When called on, forgets what he/she was planning to say. ‰

Has trouble waiting for his/her turn, for example in a conversation or when waiting in line to get help.

Has difficulty taking notes and listening at the same time.

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