Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI®) Certified Consultant - RDI® is a Third Generation Remediation Process for Austim Occupational Therapy is about participation and performance in everyday life activities Connect and Relate for Autism - Relationship Development Intervention RDI® has been developed to Remediate Information Processing Deficits that are universal but by no means unique to people on the Autism Spectrum

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Auditory Processing is what the brain does with what we hear

Sensory Processing and Sensory Integration are keys for how we engage and participate in our daily activities

Rhythm and Timing is how we organise, sequence and perform our tasks and activities in our day with success.

What is The Listening Programme?

We can use music to help the brain reset how it processes sound.

We can use music to reset how we manage the rhythm, timing and sensory integration of how we engage and interact with our world.

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Symptoms of Auditory Processing Problems

  • Has difficulty listening and paying attention
  • Misunderstands spoken information, directions or questions
  • Frequently asks “huh?” or “what?”
  • Needs to have directions or information repeated
  • Has poor auditory sequential memory
  • Is easily distracted by background noise
  • Finds some sounds uncomfortable or painful
  • Has trouble hearing similarities and differences in sounds
  • Has poor phonics skills for reading

Auditory processing problems may be identified by speech and language problems, sensitivity to sounds, poor attention, difficulty following directions, difficulty expressing oneself, difficulty with listening comprehension as well as reading comprehension, difficulty with social interactions, or auditory self-stimulation, such as constant humming or self-talk.  Children who have had a history of ear infections or chronic middle ear fluid are at a higher risk for having difficulties in auditory perception and processing.

For people with organisational, attention and planning difficulties, an underlying difficulty is often with Sensory Integration, Sequencing, Rhythm and Timing aspects of their processing. The difficulties may be grouped as a Praxis difficulty.

 The Listening Programe TLP and the in Time PRogramme are effective ways to help the brain organise and process its input and responses, helping people become more effective in daily actvities.

 The Listening Program TLP® has helped individuals make improvements in many areas, including the following:

  • Attention span and focus
  • Speech and motor control
  • Auditory perception and sensitivity
  • Musical expression
  • Self-esteem, mood, and motivation
  • Social interaction
  • Understanding spoken language
  • Reading, spelling, and handwriting
  • Physical balance and coordination - sensory integration
  • Organisation, Rhtytm and Timing

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